American Predator FC 17 Review

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American Predator Fighting Championship returned on from the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois with “APFC 17″. The top MMA fighters from around the Midwest competed on this stacked 16-bout pro/am card, as APFC continued its rampage on GFL.

In the main event, Bellator vet Louis Taylor (10-3) defeated UFC vet Brian Houston (4-2) via guillotine in the first round. The smaller Taylor used effective counter striking to negate the leg strikes of Houston. Taylor connected with overhand rights and lefts. A left hook dropped Houston to his knees and Taylor pounced on Houston on the mat locking in a guillotine and falling back to the mat in his guard. Houston was stuck and tapped out at the final moment before losing consciousness. It was a huge win for Taylor who controlled the striking and finished the UFC vet on the ground via tapout.

In the co-main event, Steve Kozola (3-0) remained undefeated as he KO’d Danny Morales Jr. (4-1) in the first round. It was a great striking battle as both men traded punches in the center of the cage in a barnburner of a first round. Kozola connected with overhand rights and when Morales tried to duck under one, Kozola switched it up and connected with a spinning back elbow that knocked Morales out cold. Kozola followed up with a punch on the ground that put Morales out cold and had him motionless on the mat for several minutes. It was a strong win for Kozola who continues to be a force in the lightweight division.

Mike Santiago (12-9) defeated Eric Calderon (4-4) via armbar in the first round as the two put on a great grappling clinic in the cage. Santiago went right after Calderon and pulled him down to the mat. Calderon countered with a kimura as he got up and then they fell to the mat once again. Santiago broke free and got the back of Calderon where he threw tons and tons of punches as Calderon covered up. Calderon was finally able to flip to his back and that’s when Santiago went for the arm and locked up the armbar in a fast paced fight by these two athletes.

Catch all of the action as “APFC 17″ brings down the house on pay-per-view exclusively at See the established and rising stars of the Midwest compete in front of some of the most avid fans. Order exclusively at and own it for life.

CFFC 43 Headlined by Jonavin Webb-Lyman Good Title Tilt, Airs via PPV on Nov. 1

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Courtesy of Tristen Critchfield & Sherdog

Reigning Cage Fury Fighting Championships 170-pound titlist Jonavin Webb will defend his strap against Lyman Good on pay-per-view on Nov. 1.

The title bout will headline CFFC 43, which airs via pay-per-view both on cable via In Demand as well as online at The five-fight card, which takes place at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., begins at 8 p.m. ET and costs $19.95. The evening’s co-main event will pit Ronald Stallings against Tim Williams for the promotion’s vacant middleweight crown. Two other title bouts will take place on the main card, as Jimmie Rivera squares off with Anthony Durnell for bantamweight gold, while Zu Anyanwu puts his heavyweight belt on the line against Plinio Cruz.

CFFC is partnering with Go Fight Live and Integrated Sports Media to produce the pay-per-view. The preliminary draw will begin at 6 p.m. ET exclusively on

“This is, without a doubt, the finest and most complete lineup of top-level professional bouts we have assembled to date, so we are looking forward to crowning four new world champions in front of a live television audience on Nov. 1,” CFFC President Rob Haydak stated in a release.

Unbeaten in seven professional bouts, Webb captured the CFFC welterweight title with a third-round TKO triumph against Daniel Stittgen on Aug. 9. The Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu product has competed exclusively for CFFC since his pro career began in April 2012.

Good, the first-ever Bellator 170-pound ruler, first fought for CFFC on June 23, 2007, taking a three-round verdict over Doug Gordon. Following an 8-3 stint with Bellator, Good returned to CFFC on June 21, knocking out Matt Secor 4:21 into the first round.



Sparta Combat League MMA Action Extreme Fighting Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––MMA-Action-Extreme-Fighting/2447

Courtesy of mmabuzz

Main event: Jason Lee vs. Adam Stroup in a 185 lb. professional title fight. The fighters went to the circled one another trading probing strikes until Stroup landed an accidental kick to the groin. On the restart the fighters trades knees and dirty boxing strikes in the clinch with each able to turn the other and work from a dominant position. After separating Stroup landed a punch combination that stunned Lee and Stroup secured head control in the clinch to land a series of knees that dropped Lee. Lee worked back to his feet, but again Stroup worked knee strikes to drop Lee and maintain the title with the TKO win coming at 4:23 of round one.

Erick Kapp vs. Danny Mitchell in a 215 lb. professional Muay Thai fight. The fighters traded a good mix of punches and kicks with Kapp slipping to the mat twice before Mitchell scored a clean knock down. Kapp beat the count but Mitchell pressured forward, scored another knock down and the referee waved off the fight giving the TKO win to Mitchell at 2:19 of round one.

Ed Banks vs. Steve Paprocki in a 265 lb. professional title fight. Paprocki immediately pressured Banks into the cage where the fighters traded knees. After separating Banks landed a punch that stunned Paprocki. Banks followed with a flurry of striking to drop Paprocki. Banks closed in for GNP, but the referee waved off the fight giving the TKO title victory to Ed Banks at :54 of round one.

Anthony Harvey vs. Ian Heinisch in a 205 lb. title fight. The fighters came to the center of the cage and Heinisch dropped Harvey with a right hand and followed him to the ground. On the mat Heinisch worked to back control from where he used GNP to set up the title winning RNC with the title winning tapout coming at :52 of round two.

Nic Navarro vs. Alejandro Ibarra in a 155 lb. title fight. The fighters came out and both threw, and landed fast, hard and technical strikes with both being able to stun the other multiple times. Throwing a kick Ibarra slipped to the mat and Navarro followed him to the mat to work positional transitions and striking to finally win the title by GNP TKO at 2:40 of round one.

Art Petrosyan vs. Austin Jones in a 170 lb. title fight. The fighters worked in and out of the clinch with both landing solid strikes. Jones defended several takedown attempts before scoring with a double leg of his own. On the way to the mat Petrosyan wrapped up a guillotine choke but Jones escaped and ended the round working GNP from the top. Round two had a good mix of standing and ground action with each fighter scoring well both in and out of the clinch. Round three had both fighters landing well with varied strikes and Petrosyan trying multiple times to jump guard and secure guillotine chokes which Jones was always able to escape. The scorecards were read and the title winner by unanimous decision was Austin Jones.

Ivan Emerick vs. Jake Chatham in a 265 lb. title fight. The fighters came together immediately and Chatham scored a takedown to work GNP until the fighters scrambled to their feet. Emerick looked to get his striking game going but Chatham puched him into the cage; after separating Chatham landed an overhand right to drop his opponent and the follow-up GNP scored Chatham the TKO title win at 1:18 of round one.

Kevin Tyner vs. Justin Gonzales in a 155 lb. fight. Tyner landed several punches then motioned for Gonzales to come forward and Gonzales obliged by way of a double leg takedown. Gonzales worked GNP until Tyner worked back to standing. Gonzales scored with a big slam, then he secured back control and flurried with punches until Tyner tapped out. Gonzales scored the TKO win at 1:45 of round one.

Eric Coxbill vs. Michael Taff in a 170 lb. fight. Off of the clinch the fighters went to the mat with Coxbill securing side control, then transitioning to mount. Taff worked to escape but Coxbill flurried with strikes to earn the TKO win at 1:40 of round one.

Aziz Azgar vs. Vinnie Gonzales in a 170 lb. fight. The fighters traded hard strikes with Azgar being able to drop Gonzales who recovered quickly. Gonzales secured head control and lifted Azgar off of the ground several times trying for the finish but Azgar refused to tap and the fight went to the mat where after transitioning to mount Gonzales flurried with punches. Azgar tapped to the strikes and Gonzales scored the TKO win at 2:15 of round one.

Mike Martinez vs. Tom Wright in a 145 lb. fight. Round one started with crisp striking before Martinez scored a takedown and worked for a head and arm choke. Wright escaped but Martinez took him down again and ended the round working GNP after escaping an armbar, then kneebar attempt from Wright. Round two went to the ground early with Martinez trying for a guillotine choke which was defended, but when Martinez went to scarf hold position he flurried with punches to get the TKO win at 1:43 of round two.

Nick Clem vs. Angel Estrada in a 125 lb. fight. To start the fight the fighters probed with strikes then Clem scored one takedown in the middle of the round but Estrada worked back to standing and the fighters traded big punches to end the round. Round two was all standing with Clem landing early combinations before landing an accidental groin kick. On the restart Clem again landed powerful punches while Estrada countered well. Round three had a good amount of clinch work with Clem able to use the clinch to set up a takedown to end the round working GNP from the top. The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Nick Clem.

Sherdog Prospect Watch: Mark Cherico

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Courtesy of Joe Myers &

You need to have a good work ethic to make it big in MMA. Those without one generally do not last long.

The idea of working hard to move up the ranks is not one to which the unbeaten featherweight Mark Cherico is averse. After all, he did work at the United Postal Service and a pizza parlor while plying his trade on the amateur circuit, oftentimes waking up at 3 a.m. to fulfill both jobs before turning to training. He would usually not arrive home until 11 p.m. and then rose the next day to do it all again. Such drive has helped Cherico, a 28-year-old Pittsburgh native known as “The Pride of Bloomfield,” build a perfect 7-0 record as a professional and make him one of the top prospects on the East Coast.

“My career has gone well so far,” Cherico told “I wouldn’t say it’s been perfect because I didn’t finish my last two opponents. I want to get a finish every time or I don’t consider it a perfect performance. It’s going to be harder to finish as my level of competition gets harder, but I always want to get a finish.”

Cherico — who trains regularly at the Pittsburgh Fight Club and a Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu affiliate in the Steel City — has also put in time with American Top Team in Florida and Team Alpha Male in California. He believes the change in scenery and introduction to new training partners has helped him become a more complete fighter.

“I really think training in these different camps has helped me,” said Cherico, who sports five finishes among his seven victories. “It adds a lot of confidence to be able to do well or hang in there in a room of UFC fighters. I learned a lot [of things], and I’ve been able to bring them back and add them to my skill set. It’s all about adding more tools to the tool box.”

Cherico is not a former high school wrestler, nor does he have a traditional combat sports background. In fact, he came to mixed martial arts while he was working as a prep cook for Giant Eagle, a Pittsburgh-based grocery store chain.

“It was after high school,” Cherico said. “I’d just gotten off work and I ran into a neighbor of mine who had a bag of gear with him. I asked him what he was training for, whether it was boxing or what. He told me it was mixed martial arts, and I’d heard about it. I thought it might be something worth trying, so I went with him and he sent me to a professional fighter here in Pittsburgh.”

Cherico developed quickly. He turned pro in April 2012, taking just 56 seconds to tap out Donte Adams on a North American Allied Fight Series card. He posted two more wins before the end of 2012 and used a first-round armbar to submit Billy Vaughan at a Pinnacle Fighting Championships event in April 2013. Cherico followed the Vaughan victory with a second-round technical knockout of Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator MMA veteran Donny Walker two months later to move to 5-0. He took nine months off before returning with a unanimous decision over Brady Hovermale in March. In his most recent fight, Cherico had to go the distance again, this time beating Luis Guerra via unanimous decision at a Pinnacle FC event in July.

“The way the kid mixes his boxing and takedowns is some of the best in his weight class,” said Lou Armezzani, Cherico’s coach at Pittsburgh Fight Club. “He’s a very solid striker, and even though he didn’t grow up being a wrestler, he’s adept at MMA wrestling. He has a good knack for the combination of striking and takedowns.”

Along with being able to mix his striking and takedowns, it should come as no surprise that Cherico thinks his work ethic is one of his biggest strengths.

“I work really hard,” he said. “I’m in the gym every day, whether it’s training or just to work on strength and conditioning. I’m in the gym 24-7 and now I work where I train at, so I’m living the dream. I’m there all day, every day.”

Cherico is scheduled to fight again under the Pinnacle FC banner on Nov. 26. He hopes a call from an organization such as the UFC, Bellator or the World Series of Fighting is not far off.

“I feel like I’m ready for the UFC,” Cherico said. “The more fights, the more ready I’ll be, but I feel like if they called, I’d be ready to go.”

Armezzani agrees that Cherico is likely ready for the leap to the big stage, but he believes a little more experience will help him when he does go to a major organization.

“Right now, I feel like the only takeaway from him would be his lack of experience at the next level,” Armezzani said. “He’s been fighting in smaller promotions, but he’s beaten everybody he’s fought so far, and once he makes the transition, I feel like he’s going to be really great. I believe we’re ready for the UFC as soon as they call. We’re ready to show up. He is training really hard right now, and they could call at any time. I don’t think he needs any more experience where he’s at. He’s ready for the next level.”


AFC 110 Preview

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Alaska’s #1 MMA promotion returns to GFL as Alaska Fighting Championship presents “AFC 110” emanating from the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska on October 22.   MMA fans, this pro/am card is stacked featuring the top up and coming prospects inside the state of Alaska. AFC is the premier MMA organization in the Last Frontier State with several alums moving on to the UFC and AFC continues to produce high quality MMA events comparable to any regional organization across the U.S.

In the main event, Joe “Unleashed” Fonoti (6-5) battles TUF vet John Poppie (4-1). Fonoti has cleaned out the light heavyweight division so AFC brought in Poppie who hails from Wisconsin in to battle the toughest Alaskan at 205 lb. Fonoti is coming off of an impressive win via first round TKO in his last fight. Fonoti took some time off to improve his all-around game and it showed in his last performance as he dominated his opponent on the mat and in the standup. 5 of 6 wins from Fonoti have been via stoppage so he knows how to finish. Poppie is on a 2-fight win streak having finished both opponents, and all 4 of his wins have come via TKO or rear naked choke. Poppie is a slick grappler with great transitions on the ground. Poppie is another finisher and this fight promises to light up the Anchorage sky with all of the fireworks that will go down in the cage.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on October 22 as Alaska Fighting Championship presents “AFC 110” on pay-per-view exclusively at

Atlas Fights 22 Preview

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The Gulf Coast’s premier MMA promotion returns on GFL on October 24 as AFC presents “Atlas Fighting Championship 22” emanating from the River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. MMA fans, this event will feature a stacked card showcasing the top up and coming prospects from the Gulf Coast. AFC is the premier MMA organization in the Magnolia State and looks to get a stranglehold on the Pelican State now will also increasing its viewership worldwide now with a broadcasting partnership with GFL.

In the main event, in the welterweight division, Bellator vet Charlie Rader (18-7) of Baton Rouge, LA fights Cody Senseny (7-2) of Biloxi, MS. Rader is on a 2-fight win streak and has the experience advantage. Rader has honed his skills by fighting anyone and everyone in the South and looks to anchor a huge event for AFC. Rader has great cardio and can go hard for three rounds while wearing down his opponent in the process. Look for Rader to try and push the pace against Senseny and take him into deep waters. Senseny is a fast starter and has only gone to decision once time. He brings KO power into the cage but his real game in on the ground where he has won 4 times via submission.

In the co-main event, Bellator vet Christopher Pham (2-4) of Baton Rouge, battles Aaron Williams (27-19) of Ocean Springs, MS. Pham is a fearless striker who has world class Muay Thai skills. Pham is improving his wrestling and if he can keep the fight standing by avoiding the takedown, he can let his hands and feet go. Williams will have a huge experience advantage and look to take Pham into deep waters. Williams has fought for everyone in the Gulf Coast and made a name for himself as a tough, gritty fighter who will take on all comers. Williams is a grinder and if he can close the distance and get his hands on Pham, he will get the takedown and smother Pham on the ground with his top control and grappling advantage. Will Pham’s striking win the day or will it be the all-around grappling of Williams that is victorious.

In the lightweight division, Josh Davila (3-1) takes on Zach Fears (1-0). Davila is a strong wrestler who can land the takedown at a high rate. His ground and pound and control from the top is solid and allows him to dictate the action in most of his fights. Fears comes into the fight undefeated after winning his debut decisively with a submission. Fears is one of the top prospects in the South and looks to remain unbeaten in this fight. To do that, he will need to showcase his huge heart and all-around style as he is gifted on the mat and in the standup.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event. Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on October 24 as AFC presents “Atlas Fighting Championship 22” on pay-per-view exclusively at

Xcessive Force FC 5 Preview

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Xcessive Force FC returns to GFL on October 24 with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 5”, a hotly contested card, emanating from the Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The mega card is sure to have enough heat in the cage to blow the roof off of the cold night in the Great White North with 2 title fights and a huge undercard.

In the main event, the inaugural XFFC Flyweight Championship is up for grabs when Eric Wilson (6-5) fights Adrian Woolley (8-3). Wilson already holds a title with another organization and has only been stopped once in his career. Look for Wilson to use his punching power to try and get Woolley’s attention early. If that doesn’t work, Wilson will have to resort to his grappling which is a handful, especially at 125 lb. Wilson, in particular, loves to go for leg submissions so Woolley will need to be very aware of that if and when the fight hits the mat. Woolley will have an experience advantage and is coming off an impressive win in May after a long layoff. Woolley is a strong wrestler who likes to control his opponents on the mat and grind them down over the course of an entire fight. Woolley is a compact fighter who doesn’t leave himself open very much for counters so this fight could be a shootout.

For the XFFC Featherweight Championship, undefeated Michael Karkula (6-0) battles Sabah Fadai (6-4). Karkula is a well-rounded MMA fighter with wins coming via submission, KO and decision. Karkula has shown an ability to dominate and dictate wherever the fight goes. This will be his first opportunity to challenge for a title and fighting in the co-main event, Karkula wants to steal the show. Fadai is a durable pro won his last fight via TKO after a barnburner. Fadai brings KO power into the cage and can end a fight with one punch. Fadai has fought for some of the top organizations in Canada and looks to cash in on his success with championship gold.

Spencer Jebb (8-3) takes on Dejan Kajic (5-2-1). Jebb is on a 6 fight win streak, 5 by stoppage, and will look to establish his striking game early. Kajic hasn’t lost in two years and brings an impressive wrestling and grappling game into the cage. Look for Kajic to close the distance and stifle the striking of Jebb.

Watch all the knockouts, submissions and grudge matches as XFFC returns to GFL on October 24 with another installment of hard hitting MMA with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 5” available to a global audience.

CFFC 42 Preview

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships returns to with championship level MMA with “CFFC 42″ from the Harrah’s in Chester, Pennsylvania. Pro MMA fighters from around the East Coast will descend on this card that features several of the top ranked and up and coming athletes in the region. CFFC has expanded its stranglehold on Northeast MMA as they continue to pump out one blockbuster show after another.

In the main event, William “Honey Badger” Algeo (6-1) battles Shane Burgos (4-0). Algeo is a well-rounded fighter and his standup, particularly his Muay Thai, is punishing to his opponents. Algeo mixes up knees, kicks and punches very well to keep his opponent off balance. But it is his grappling that is most dangerous as he has scored submission victories in 5 of his wins. In the past, Burgos has shown that he has the cardio conditioning to fight at a high pace and get his opponents out of there before the final bell. For the undefeated Burgos, all 4 of his wins have come via stoppage with three in the first round. Don’t blink when these two gladiators lock horns.

In other action, Trevor Suter (3-4) takes on Mervin Rodriguez (5-8-1). Suter won his last fight via KO slam in the first round and has never been to a third round as he fights with a high risk-high reward style. Look for Suter to come out fast and furious. Rodriguez is a cagey vet and has fought for all the big promotions on the East Coast. Rodriguez is a grappling specialist with 3 of his wins coming via tapout. Fans will get the best version of Rodriguez as he looks to score an impressive win at Suter’s expense.

Pat Sabatini (1-0) fights Shelby Graham (5-7). Sabatini is a fighter on the rise as he won his debut via submission and before that fought as an amateur where he won 8 times via tapout. He will be facing a huge challenge in Graham who is a gritty fighter and proven to be a durable one as well. Graham brings a ton of experience into the cage and will go for broke and try to take Sabatini into deep waters.

Be there to witness who climbs up the ladder and who is hurled off it as “CFFC 42″ throws down the gauntlet on once again!

RITC 50 Review

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Canada’s longest running MMA show returned as Rumble in the Cage presented “RITC 50″ at the South Pavilion Exhibition Park in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada a stacked 17-bout pro/am card with 11 stoppages. Rumble in the Cage is a breeding ground for international talent and “RITC 50″ once again showcased some of the rising mixed martial artists across Canada.

In the main event, WSOF vet Brandt Dewsbery (13-3-1) defeated Tyler O’Brien (2-9) via TKO in the first round in a welterweight bout. Dewsbery came out throwing punches and kicks while O’Brien was on the defensive. Dewsbery found his mark early with a huge kick that dropped O’Brien. Dewsbery continued to throw punches at the fallen O’Brien and the ref stopped the fight. This was a big win for Dewsbery who took no damage and looked terrific as he continues to be one of the rising fighters from the region who can fight with anybody.

In the co-main event, Derek Boyle (12-7) defeated Shawn Fitzsimmons (8-9) via TKO in the second round in a lightweight scrap. Fitzsimmons put Boyle on the mat but Boyle was able to reverse the position and scored with nice body-head combos that kept constant pressure on Fitzsimmons who was on the bottom. Boyle stayed close to Fitzsimmons the whole round and gave Fitzsimmons no room to work submissions as he continued to score with punches and elbows from inside the guard of Fitzsimmons. In the second round, Boyle connected with a nice hook and flying knee as Fitzsimmons looked to take the fight to the ground, but Boyle once again ended up inside the guard of Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons got back to his feet, but Boyle was able to tee off on more punches and kicks as he rocked Fitzsimmons and had him against the cage. Boyle connected with a nice left head kicks that dropped the durable Fitzsimmons and Boyle finished off the fight with punches on the ground in a very exciting fight.

Tim Tamaki (14-23) defeated Lupe Hudgens (7-6) via KO (knee) in the third round of a barnburner. In the first round, Tamaki used a solid ground game after getting Hudgens on the mat when Tamaki broke free of a standing guillotine and got the fight to the canvas where Tamaki was able to get on top and connected with punches as well as went for several submissions including a RNC. In round two, Hudgens got Tamaki on his back where he scored with short elbows. Hudgens worked in a guillotine choke but Tamaki was able to work his way out once again. Hudgens transitioned to an armbar that Tamaki pulled out of and worked inside Hudgens’ guard. Tamaki scored with some elbows of his own as well as working over the midsection of Hudgens and going for a choke as the second round ended. In the third round, Tamaki came right out and connected with a short elbow to the head of Hudgens followed by a knee that put Hudgens out. It was a quick finish that came out of nowhere as Tamaki connected with two hard strikes that put the gritty Hudgens away.

In another pro bout, in the featherweight division, WSOF vet Maged Hammo (5-4) defeated Morgan Littlechild (3-1) via KO from a slam in the first round. The fighters threw punches with Hammo getting a takedown early. From the bottom, Littlechild went for an armbar and Hammo defended by picking up Littlechild while still in the armbar and slamming him down to the mat. The collision on the canvas KO’d Littlechild and Hammo followed up with a single punch as Littlechild was already out, before the ref stepped in. Hammo showed off tremendous strength in pulling off the slam. It was a scary scene afterwards as Littlechild had to be stretchered out of the cage.

Don’t miss the latest installment as Rumble in the Cage, Western Canada’s most prolific MMA organization as it presents “RITC 50″, exclusively on GFL VOD. Watch the top pros and amateurs in Canada fight on the toughest proving ground in the Great White North.

Tuff-N-Uff October 17 Review and Results

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Courtesy of Syndee The Snp Show &

Las Vegas, NV – The nation’s premier amateur mixed martial arts promotion, Tuff-N-Uff, today released the official results of the Oct. 17th edition of its “Future Stars of MMA” event, which took place live from The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

In the main event, fan favorite C-Los Garcia took one step closer to regaining his bantamweight title with a unanimous decision over Ruben Perez (5-1). In a three round back-and-forth matchup, Garcia out-paced and out-pointed his opponent to hand him his first loss; Garcia’s record now improves to 5-1.

In the co-main event, Joey Ruquet made quick work of Regan Kuali’l, submitting him just 54 seconds into the first round with a guillotine choke. Ruquet remains undefeated with five amateur wins on record. Also on the live card, Gary Herring, fighting out of Fight Syndicate in Casper, Wyoming, found a TKO over New York’s Brian Dubuc (1-1-1) in round two of their bantamweight scrap. Also in the bantamweight division, Bryce Sepe (2-1), local Cobra Kai prospect, went the distance with City Athletic Club’s Bronson Sabado (1-4) to earn a unanimous decision.

Delivering the wow-moment of the night, popular combat sports journalist Spencer Lazara took to the cage for the first time in his life to give the crowd a stunning knockout. After an even-paced first round, Lazara fired a KO-loaded counter-punch at 1:31 of the second round, plummeting Mosely to the mat. Lazara, competing as a welterweight, now adds a 1-0 amateur record to a host of other MMA talents.

The Oct. 17th “Future Stars of MMA” undercard results are as follows:

135 lbs. Bout: Victor Mabin (5-6) defeated Ryan Curry (3-3) via TKO at 1:43/1st Round
155 lbs. Bout: Joe Burgess (1-2) defeated Kyle Colvin (0-2) after 1st Round/Doctor Stoppage
185 lbs. Bout: Montel Williams and Damien Nitkin fight to a Draw
145 lbs. Bout: Matt Torres (1-0) defeats Shawn Brooks (0-1) via TKO at 1:53/1st Round
155 lbs. Bout: Jimmy Stevenson (1-0) defeats Trent Mercer (0-1) via RNC at 1:19/1st Round
150 lbs. Bout: Brandon Dufrene (1-0) defeats Brian Randall (0-1) via TKO at 1:05/1st Round
135 lbs. Bout: Cameron Olsen (1-1) defeats Brandon Reynolds (0-1) via TKO at 42 seconds/1st Round
205 lbs. Bout: Huxley Dunsany (1-0) defeated Michael Sancho (0-1) via RNC at 1:16/2nd Round

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    • Alexander-Khan bout nearly finalized for Dec. October 21, 2014
      Devon Alexander and Amir Khan have agreed to fight, and the deal is in the process of being finalized as the main event of a Dec. 13 tripleheader on Showtime in Las Vegas.
      Dan Rafael
    • Golovkin KO's Rubio in 2nd round, keeps title October 20, 2014
      Gennady Golovkin, boxing's most devastating knockout artist, delivered yet another crushing KO as he drilled Marco Antonio Rubio in the second round to retain his middleweight world title on Saturday night at the StubHub Center.
      Dan Rafael
    • Mayweather being sued by sons of ex-champ October 20, 2014
      The sons of former heavyweight world champion Hasim Rahman are suing Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mayweather Promotions and Showtime on a variety of charges stemming from the infamous sparring sessions televised on the network's "All Access" reality series.
      Dan Rafael