Instant Replay to return to New Jersey MMA this Saturday

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Courtesy of Elias Cepeda & Yahoo Sports

Instant replay review capabilities will return to MMA competition this Saturday in Atlantic City, NJ during the Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) 43 card.  Head of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board Larry Hazzard instituted instant replay review capabilities during fights, years ago.

After his departure in 2007, however, New Jersey ceased with the practice. Now that Hazzard is back in the saddle in New Jersey, he’s brought back instant replay review with him for boxing and MMA contests.

“These are sports that are certainly subject from time to time, to errors, mainly by referees,” Hazzard told Cagewriter.

“These types of errors can have an impact on a bout. I think that unless necessary corrections are made, at the time, it’s just unfair to the fighters. These are individual sports, and the fighters don’t often get a second chance at big opportunities. After a kid works his or her butt off for several years, to finally reach that upper echelon where he or she are making good pay days, it’s unfair to them not to have the ability to correct costly official mistakes.

“I think that with instant replay, we will be able to make these corrections, if necessary, on the spot…It’s the fairest way to go in the 21st century.”

The first MMA card to have those capabilities under the re-institution will be the CFFC in Atlantic City, at the Borgata. The card will air live via pay per view on Go Fight Live, cable through InDemand, and through the promotion’s website.

The presence of television cameras is crucial to the use of instant replay review, because Hazzard says that the cost of the tool will be paid for by promotions, like the CFFC.

“This will mainly be used in pro fights, fights that are big enough to be televised,” Hazzard explained.

“Or, it’s going to happen if a promoter requests and pays for the cameras and monitors. The cost of this is going to be on the promoter. This is in it’s infant stages, and we’ll see how it goes as time goes on, but right now it will be in the events that want it.”

The decision to apply instant replay review capabilities once more on this Saturday’s particular Atlantic City event came just weeks ago. CFFC CEO Rob Haydak says the topic came up in conversation between he and New Jersey Athletic Control Board Counsel Nick Lembo a couple weeks ago, and the state made its decision soon after.

Welterweight champion Jonavin Webb (7-0) will defend his title in the main event of CFFC 43 against Lyman Good (16-3), this Saturday, and was told of the development only this week. “I think I found out this week,” he told Yahoo! Sports.

“I think it’s a good thing, for certain.”

Webb, however, said that he was not sure when, exactly, instant replay review could occur during fights, or how the whole process is supposed to occur. “I don’t really know, to be honest,” he said.

“I’m more concerned with getting punched in the head than that, though. I’m not too worried.”

How, exactly, instant replay review would or will work during fights seems to be a relative unknown to state regulators as well. Hazzard admitted that the program is still in development.

“It’s an additional tool for me, or a designate of mine to use during fights,” he said.

“I’m sure that there are certain fouls, or certain situations where it could help. Like, whether a fighter tapped out or did not tap out. These are things where, if a ref makes a mistake, we can correct it.”

Hazard says that he, or a designee will be watching fights on monitors and if they believe “conclusively” that a referee has made a mistake through the use of instant replay, they will have the ability to change or reverse a call. “It will have to be done in between rounds,” he detailed.

Hazard says that instant replay review will not be used for decisions that fighters may appeal and get a hearing on. “It has to be done right there, in the moment,” he explained.

“If there’s anything that has the capability to impact a final decision, we can review and change upon review. It has to be conclusive, though. We are not going to be nit-picking referee calls. We are not going to have debates on issues. It has to be something we’re sure of. And, it’s not something we’re looking forward to using. We hope we never have to. But, it is a safe guard for the fighters’ sake.”

With a loosely-defined set of circumstances where decisions can be reversed, and a very small window of time to not just review but put in effect a referee decision reversal (in between rounds, according to Hazzard), it would seem that New Jersey has a great deal of planning and process-construction yet to do with regards to instant replay review capabilities. However, the decision to even re-open the door to correcting perceived mistakes made during fights is encouraging, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out, and if other major states follow New Jersey’s lead.

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Triple A MMA X – Genesis Preview

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Triple A MMA returns to GFL on November 8 with “Genesis” emanating from the Pat McKernan Event Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The stacked card will feature the first ever championship bout in the featherweight division in Triple A MMA history as well as the top prospects in the Southwest as they look to make a name for themselves to a worldwide audience. Don’t blink when these gladiators suit up and go to battle inside the cage.

In the main event, for the inaugural Triple A MMA Featherweight Title, Bellator vet Andres Quintana (5-1) fights Thomas Soto (4-0) as history will be made. Quintana is extremely tall for the division, standing at 6’. Quintana will look to use his range from the outside to land shots without being vulnerable himself. His only loss has come via split decision and he has also beaten a fighter currently competing in the UFC. Quintana is one of the top prospects in the Southwest and he continues to shine. The Texan Soto is undefeated and is a grappling wizard as he has submitted 2 opponents while also grinding down 2 others for decision wins. Soto is amazing on the ground and will need to find a way inside the reach of Quintana. If Soto can close the distance he can get Quintana down to the mat where he wants to be. Look for these two to go right at each other with no wasted time spent dancing around the cage. Both are aggressive fighters with huge hearts and that will be on display on November 8.

In the co-main event, Bellator vet Russell Wilson (3-3) battles Isaiah Reyes (7-5). The winner of this fight could fight the winner of the main event down the line as this fight will also be contested in the featherweight division. Wilson is extremely fast with his transitions and his relentless takedowns usually mean the fight will end up on the ground sooner or later. If Wilson does get the fight to the mat, expect him to go for guillotines and RNCs during scrambles. Wilson is coming off two decisive first round tapout wins. Reyes is a well-rounded fighter who brings a strong grappling game into the cage. Reyes has defeated 5 opponents via tapout, but also has the striking and wrestling game to make him a triple threat. These two are sure to light up the desert sky in Albuquerque.

Dorian Dixon (0-1) locks horns with Hosay Batts (0-0). Dixon is looking for his first win as a pro so his back is already against the wall. Dixon is a slick submission fighter and if he can get the fight to the ground, his grappling will give him a great chance at getting the tapout. Batts will have the size advantage going into his pro debut and will look to use his striking from the outside to bust Dixon up while trying to control the top position with his wrestling if and when the fight hits the mat.

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USFFC 21 Derailed Preview

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USFFC returns to on November 8 with “USFFC 21 – Derailed”. USFFC has made a mark for itself in the Southeast and “USFFC 21 – Derailed” will surely tear down the house from the Old Armory Event Center in Morgantown, North Carolina. These pro/am fighters are looking to make a name for themselves on a global basis and that’s just what they will do on as they go to battle inside the cage.

In the main event, TUF vet and Charlotte native Jordan Rinaldi (7-4) battles Bellator vet Joe Elmore (10-5). Rinaldi is an expert grappler and has 4 of his wins via submission. Rinaldi is looking to get back in the win column and will have extra motivation as he will be fighting in front of tons of home state fans. Look for him to come out very aggressive bringing the fight to Elmore. Elmore is on a 4-fight winning streak that includes a KO and submission. Elmore is looking to steal the show and take out the local favorite in devastating fashion. Elmore is coming up from Atlanta, Georgia and will be letting his hands go from the opening bell trying to get Rinaldi out of there sooner than later.

Mike Stevens (3-2) goes toe to toe with Jeremy Joles (2-6). Stevens has only gone to decision one time in his career and all 3 of his wins have come via TKO. Look for Stevens to come out with fists of fury and swinging for the fences trying to connect with a haymaker that will put Joles down and out. Joles is coming off a tough decision loss in his last outing and will look to remedy that with a jaw dropping win against Stevens. Joles is still fired up from his last fight and plans to take it out on Stevens. Joles has fought anyone and everyone and has never shied away from a good scrap. This will be no different.

In other action, Kyle Young (2-1) fights Jundy Gomez (1-0). Young is a rising star in the region and he packs a powerful punch to go along with solid wrestling. Gomez is an undefeated fighter with great cardio and an iron chin. Gomez loves to mix it up because he feels he can out tough whoever he is matched up against.

Phillip Adams (2-5) takes on James Goodwin (1-3). Both men are in need of a victory so their backs will be against the wall. Adams likes to grind down his opponents over the course of a full fight. Goodwin likes to go for the finish early and often and will look to push the pace early and get into a shootout. These two should provide a good clash in styles giving the fans a fun fight.

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Bounded Fist October 25 Review

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Bounded Fist returned to GFL to deliver a great night of Muay Thai action with “Bounded Fist Muay Thai” from the Arizona Event Center in Mesa, Arizona. The stacked card featured the top stars in the region as they put their honor on display inside the ring with multiple titles on the line.

In the main event, for the USMTA 147 lb Arizona Title, George Chi defeated Angelo Mullen via split decision in a close fight. Chi came forward throughout the fight, but Mullen showed off great counter punching and kicking as he used his height advantage to offset Chi’s attacks. Mullen seemed to also score with more combos as he got busier as the fight wore on. Chi landed some hard shots and the judges could have scored it in his favor for the damage factor as he would connect with one hard right that would send Mullen back while Mullen would counter with a three or four strike combo. Both men showed a ton of heart as they fought hard for the entire fight and never let their foot off the gas.

In the co-main event, for the Junior USMTA Arizona State Championship Josh Vallecillos defeated Corey Daniel Hines via unanimous decision. Both of these young gladiators showed a tremendous amount of heart as they connected with spinning back fists, head kicks and nice combos with their fists. Vallecillos displayed a huge amount of volume punching as he was always on the attack. Hines delivered some terrific counter strikes too. Both fighters showed a solid chin as neither man went down in the fight from a strike. In the end, Vallecillos was a little more polished and won the day, but both of these warriors can hold their heads up high after their performances.

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Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 5 – Battle of the West Review

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Xcessive Force FC returned to GFL with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 5 – Battle of the West”, a hotly contested card, emanating from the Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The 7-bout card featured 5 finishes and a title fight.

In the main event, the inaugural XFFC Flyweight Championship was up for grabs as Adrian “The Bully” Woolley (9-3) defeated Eric Wilson (6-6) via unanimous decision to become the champion. The southpaw Woolley took the center of the cage and landed several overhand lefts as Wilson tried to counter punch. Woolley continued to be the aggressor as he got a takedown at the end of the first round. Woolley opened up with his striking as he continued to find a home for his left hand and mixed in jabs and uppercuts too as well as a few body kicks. Wilson found some success midway through the fight as he tagged Woolley with a nice combo that made Woolley stumble, but before Wilson could land any more shots, Woolley was right back in the pocket throwing and landing shots making Wilson back up. Woolley got another takedown as he continued to grow his lead on the score cards. Woolley got another takedown in the fourth round, but after inactivity, the ref stood both men up and they continued to strike with Woolley coming forward and opening up with his body kicks and scoring another big slam takedown. Woolley continued to use his wrestling in the fifth and final round as he took Wilson down and nullified the majority of Wilson’s attacks throughout the night. Woolley is a tough fight for anyone in the 125 lb division as he is stocky with great reflexes, a strong wrestling game and mixes up his striking very well.

In the co-main event, Spencer Jebb (9-3) defeated Dejan Kajic (5-3-1) via split decision in the fight of the night. The fight was mostly standup as both Jebb and Kajic threw down for 3 full rounds and had the cuts, bumps and bruises to show for it after the fight. This was a very tough fight to score as every round was super close. Jebb seemed to win the second round with a late takedown while Kajic seemed to control the third round with his striking and defense. It probably hinged on how the first fight was scored which was manly a feeling out round and had the least amount of action. Both scored in the round, but no real damage was done in the opening round so it was a tough fight to call. It was a great fight with both men fighting with their hearts on their sleeve.

Louis Fisette, Micah Brakefield, William Carriere, Jamie Siraj and Ryan Rohovich all won their bouts via submission in the first round.

Watch all the knockouts, submissions and grudge matches as XFFC returns to GFL with another installment of hard hitting MMA with “Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 5 – Battle of the West” available to a global audience. Order now and watch it anytime.

Dakota FC – Fall Brawl 2014 Review

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Dakota Fighting Championship made its long awaited debut on with “Fall Brawl 2014”, a stacked MMA card, from the Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota. Dakota Fighting Championships is the premier MMA promotions company in the upper Midwest and produced some of the top stars from the region for over a decade. DFC has promoted fights for over 14 years and has sent over 15 fighters to higher organizations like the WEC, Bellator, and UFC. The 8-bout card featured 6 stoppages and a heavyweight title fight in the main event.

In the main event, Timothy Johnson (8-1) defeated UFC, Bellator and PRIDE vet Travis Wiuff (73-20) via TKO in the first round to defend the DFC Heavyweight Title. The beginning was straight wrestling as both men struggled for dominance in the clinch and pummeled with one another around the cage and against the fence with neither man getting a huge advantage. They broke free for a second and Johnson connected with a knee while Wiuff landed an overhand right then they went back to the clinch. Wiuff was able to push Johnson up against the cage and keep him there as he controlled the fight. Johnson was able to break free and connected with a right hook that did damage as Wiuff fell to his knees. Johnson followed up with punches from behind and Wiuff covered up forcing the ref to stop the fight. It was a great win for Johnson who was able to stop a very durable fighter in the first round after landing basically one clean shot.

In the co-main event, Summer Bradshaw (1-2) defeated Mariah Prussia (3-1) via TKO in the second round. In the first round, Bradshaw was able to put Prussia on her back and control the ground game with top control. Prussia went for armbars and triangle chokes from the bottom, but Bradshaw postured up when she needed to and continued to score with ground and pound. In the second, Bradshaw got the fight to the ground again with a trip takedown. Bradshaw moved to mount and fired off a barrage of punches as Prussia covered up. Bradshaw continued to throw punches, and even though some of them missed, Prussia was not offering any sort of offence and just covering up, forcing the ref to step in. It was the first win for Bradshaw and she knocked off an undefeated fighter in the process.

In other action, Bill Smallwood, Nick Phillips and Bill Mees all won their fights with rear naked chokes. Ted Worthington picked up a win via TKO in the first round while Jeremy Stetz and Ryan Debelak both won via unanimous decisions in a wild night of fights.

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CFFC 42 Review

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Courtesy of Adam Crist &

Chris Freites vs Carlton Williamson

Round 1: Williamson walks into Freites jabs, with Williamson pressing him against the cage. Freites adapts by landing knees to the body, until he circled out for a takedown. Williamson gets to his feet and starts landing flush punched. Freites shoots for a lazy shot and is met with a standing guillotine, although it was ineffective and was where they’d stay for the remainder of the round.

Round 2: Williamson comes out with a solid straight left, as Freites gets the clinch. Freites drags Williamson landing in full guard, working and gaining side mount, finally in full mount. From there Freites gains an arm triangle he tries to secure on top, but with 10 seconds left, he gave up the submission attempt to rain down ground and pound punches to close the second.

Round 3: Fighters clash in the middle and Freites secures the takedown. Williamson works his way to his feet and circles to Freites’ back. Freites was able to defend the dominant position and as the fighters scramble on the ground. Williamson is pressed against the cage but works his way up as both trade punches in the middle. Williamson wobbles Freites and secures the back for an unsuccessful rear naked choke to close the final round.

WINNER: Chris Freites by unanimous decision.

Light Heavyweight (205): Jonathan McNeil vs. Jesse Stokes

Round 1: McNeil starts throwing heavy punch/knee combos hurting Stokes. Stokes was able to secure a takedown, and McNeil bounced straight up from it. From that point, McNeil put on a striking clinic on Stokes hurting his foe several times until a series of left uppercuts was enough for the referee to stop the contest 54 seconds in the opening round via TKO.

WIN: Jonathan McNeil by TKO (0:54, R1).

Matt Cerro vs. Shane Larocca

Round 1: Cerro looks for a bit of a feeling but Larocca isn’t having any of it, storming forward with punch combos that Cerro couldn’t answer from the gate. Cerro gets hurt from the initial onslaught and covers up. The referee doesn’t let the beating go on for long as he steps in at 14 seconds into the first round via TKO

WIN: Shane Larocca by TKO (0:14, R1)

Bout 4: Emere Hoehne vs Shain Gallo

Round 1: Hoehne swings wildly and immediately clinches. Gets a heavy slam, but Gallo immediately stands. Hoehne looks to close the space again and clinches Gallo looking for another takedown as Gallo hammers punches/elbows into Hoehne’s mid section. The first ends with Hoehne clinching Gallo against the cage with minimal action to close

Round 2: Both fighters meet in the middle trading leather until Hoehne clinches again against the cage, and Gallo goes to work on Hoehne’s soft body. Gallo circles, but not for long as Hoehne yet again presses Gallo against the cage with minimal action. In the final 10 seconds, Hoehne gets a takedown, with Gallo bouncing up immediately to close the round

Round 3: Hoehne immediately picks up where he left off looking to clinch Gallo against the cage, but Gallo is able to stumble and drop Hoehne to the ground as he follows with steady ground and pound. Gallo gives up the ground and pound to attempt an armbar which proved to be unsuccessful as the final bell sounds.

WIN: Emere Hoehne by split decision

Robbie De La Rionda vs Frank Doyle

Round 1: Doyle starts pawing his jab to keep Rionda at bay, but Rionda pressures Doyle against the fence and secures a takedown landing him in full guard. Doyle throws his legs up looking for an armbar, but instead wraps Riondas arm in a omoplata with time winding down, it proved to be unsuccessful as the round closed.

Round 2: Doyle starts piecing his punch combos together to stun and drop Rionda, as Rionda attempts to clinch for the takedown, but gives up his back. Doyle transitions from armbar, to rear naked, but nothing proved substantial to end the contest as the second bell sounds.

Round 3: Doyle opens the round stalking Rionda and landing at will seemingly hurting him several times. Doyle’s consistent pressure catches up with him however, as he walked into a straight right crumbling Doyle to the floor. Due to amateur rules of no ground and pound (unless it’s advanced ammy rules), Rionda couldn’t follow up on his hurt foe, and instead let him stand. Doyle still hurt, tries to get the contest to the floor. They both scrambled with multiple submission attempts from both fighters to close the final round.

WIN: Robbie De La Rionda by unanimous decision

Mahmoud Mohaghegh Rashid vs Allen Otto

Round 1: Otto starts the round with some heavy jabs, and looks sharper with his striking from the gate. Rashid telegraphs a spinning heel kick which misses by a mile. Otto stalks Rashid and in a mid section kick attempt, his leg is caught and Otto is dragged to the floor. Otto regains full guard. Not long after, Otto scrambles to his feet and the fighters circle in the center of the cage. Otto resumes stalking Rashid landing a lead left head kick to the temple of Rashid which wobbles and drops him. Otto wasted no time jumping on his hurt foe with heavy ground and pound which the referee doesn’t wait long to call a halt to the contest.

WIN: Allen Otto by TKO (3:35, R1)

Mervin Rodriguez vs. Trevor Suter

Round 1: Both fighters start the contest pawing jabs, with Suter attempting a looping right but misses, in which he follows with a takedown which he secures. Suter immediately goes to work on the ground working from submission to submission. He nearly locked a rear naked choke which Rodriguez fended off. While scrambling to his feet Rodriguez is met with a heavy slam from Suter, as Suter again gets to work with submission attempts. With none of his attempts proving successfully, Suter starts hammering the body with knees, until Rodriguez is able to get the reversal. Both fighters work back to their feet, and Rodriguez returns the slamming favors by scooping Suter clean off his feet for a big ride to the ground. The round would end shortly after.

Round 2: Suter opens the round looking to take Rodriguez head off with his aggressive punch combos coming forward. Rodriguez is able to avoid serious punishment, and get Suter to the ground. From there Rodriguez peppers shots to Suter with nothing proving effective, Suter walks the cage to his feet twice and is tripped both times back to the mat. Rodriguez lands with Suter sitting against the cage. Rodriguez immediately goes for the Kimura. Suter defends well, but Rodriguez steps over Suter’s head to give him the proper leverage to finish.

WIN: Mervin Rodriguez by submission via Kimura (2:25, R2)

Co-Main Event: Shelby Graham vs. Pat Sabatini

Round 1: Sabatini gets a feel as he throws some leg kicks. Graham returns with a leg kick himself which Sabatini catches, and charges forward pressing Graham to the fence to finally get his foe to the floor. From this point it’s all Sabatini as he works through a lazy guillotine to gain full mount. From there, Sabatini postures up to rain some right hands on Graham. In the midst of the onslaught, Graham gives up his back and Sabatini wastes no time locking up the rear naked choke, stopping Graham early in the contest.

WIN: Pat Sabatini by submission (1:04, R1) via RNC

During the post fight interview in the cage, Sabatini was awarded his BJJ black belt by Daniel Gracie

Main Event: Shane Burgos vs Bill Algeo

Round 1: Both fighters start exchanging straight punches and thudding body and leg kicks. Algeo is landing more accurate than Burgos, but Burgos keeping the bout competitive. Algeo backs Burgos against the cage, and is able to secure the takedown. Algeo lands in full mount and attempts the armbar as Burgos walks the cage, and defends well. Algeo finally gives up on the attempt and the fighters stand. Burgos presses Algeo against the cage, and is able to secure a takedown of his own. Algeo scrambles to his feet to draw a close to the round.

Round 2: Algeo opens the round more aggressive with Burgos countering most attempts. The fighters clinch again with Burgos pressing Algeo, but Algeo circles back to the center of the cage where the fighters start trading leather. Algeo attempts a takedown which is thwarted off by Burgos but putting his back against the cage. Algeo attempts a spinning elbow which Burgos slips and gets back control of Algeo dragging him to the floor seeking the rear naked choke. In a constant attempt for the choke, he finally secures it to put a stop to the contest, and night of great fights!

WIN: Shane Burgos by submission (2:35, R2) via RNC

Journey Fight Series XI Preview

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“Journey Fight Series XI”, takes place November 1 at the Century Casino in Alberta, Canada and live on This event will feature a title fight CMTC-A Canadian Muay Thai Title.

In the main event, Derek Jolivette (19-5-1) battles Jake Mackenzie (23-2) for the CMTC-A Canadian Muay Thai 165 lb Title. Both Jolivette and Mackenzie are veterans to the sport and championship level fighters. The winner of this bout can rightfully claim to be the top 165 lb Muay Thai fighter in Canada as Journey Fight Series is the cream of the crop for the country. Jolivette has already won tons of accolades including 2014 Thai Boxing Association, 2013, WKA & WTKA Unified World (gold), 2013 WKA NA Muay Thai Tournament and 2012 Canadian Muay Thai Council Champion A Division. Jolivette will look to score with leg kicks and short elbows against the ropes as he prefers to fight from the clinch. Mackenzie is a decorated fighter winning multiple titles including 2X Cask Provincial, Cask National, USMTA Middleweight, TBA-SA World and IFMA World (Bronze) Champion. Mackenzie is a counter puncher and will wave Jolivette in and try to offset the aggressiveness of Jolivette by picking his shots and getting out of the way at the same time.

In the co-main event, in a full rules 154 lb Muay Thai bout, Kelsey Andries fights Candice Hardwick. Andries is looking to make a name for herself and has shown an ability to land her combos almost at will against past opponents. She is quick to the punch and quick and usually out distances her foes with precession striking. Hardwick has shown KO power and an iron jaw to go with an unwavering will. Don’t blink as these two women are at the head of their division and will battle each other to become the alpha female at 154 lb.

Stephanie Quigg locks horns with Vincci Tsui in a match of up and comers. Quigg is a durable fighter who is coming into her own as a complete Muay Thai fighter. She mixes up her combos well and doesn’t take much damage in the ring. Tsui is very elusive and has great reflexes making her a tough target to hit. Tsui also has great cardio and can outwork her opponent in the later rounds.

Muay Thai fans, this event is for you. Watch the top strikers in Canada compete in the top Muay Thai organization in the country as “Journey Fight Series XI”, comes to you live on November 1 and only on GFL.

ShoFIGHT & BRAWL Inc. – Apocalypse Preview

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER ––Apocalypse/2579

ShoFIGHT & BRAWL Inc. return to GFL on November 1 with championship MMA returns to GFL with “Apocalypse” from the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center in Branson, Missouri. ShoFIGHT has made its mark with MMA fans as being a launching point for tons of fighters and top prospects in the Mid-South. Who will stand out, once the cage door closes?

In the main event, ShoFIGHT Flyweight ChampionJames “The Beef” Gerkey (5-0) battles Seth “The Muscle Shark” Mitchell (3-1). Gerkey has quickly made a name for himself as one of the top 125 lb fighters in the region. Gerkey possesses KO power in both hands and can end a fight with one punch. Gerkey has stopped 4 of 5 opponents and looks to do that once again in this fight. Gerkey won the title earlier this year via first round submission and always comes out aggressive in his fights. Mitchell is a grappling wizard having won all 3 of his fights via tapout. Mitchell is a compact fighter who is hard to maneuver once the fight hits the mat. Look for Mitchell to go for a takedown early, possibly set up after a right hand. If that doesn’t work he will use his clinch game to try and work a takedown. On the ground, Mitchell goes for one submission after another and his transitions are superb. His only loss came via decision and all his wins have been in the first round.

In the co-main event, ShoFIGHT Bantamweight Champion and undefeated Dylan Wilson (6-0) fights AJ Kimzey (3-1). Wilson brings heavy takedowns and a strong grappling game into the fight. Wilson is unpredictable with his takedowns and works a high guard if he is put on his back. He is very dangerous from the bottom getting armbars and chokes while also able to work his transition game to get kneebars and everything else. Kimzey is on a 2 fight winning streak, both by stoppage and in fact all 4 of Kimzey’s fights have ended in the opening round. Kimzey brings a high reward-high risk style into his fights and has become a fan favorite because of his nonstop pace as he will fight through any situation and even put himself in unorthodox predicaments if it will help him end the fight faster.

Max McNeely (5-2) takes on Brandon Huckaby (4-1). McNeely holds a title with another organization and his championship level experience is a huge advantage for him in this fight. McNeely won 5 fights in a row, before dropping his last two so he has his back against the wall and will come out looking to compete right from the opening bell. Huckaby is also a beast of a man and has only tasted defeated once. Huckaby has a feared ground and pound game so he will also be trying to get McNeely down to the mat. If the fight goes to the mat, the person on the bottom will be at a huge disadvantage. Look for Huckaby to try and use his striking to keep McNeely from coming in close during the beginning of the fight and in the later rounds, he could try and get McNeely off his feet with a takedown.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring some of the top regional mixed martial arts talents from around the Mid-South. Watch all of the fights live on November 1 or any time after on video on demand (VOD) for life as ShoFIGHT & BRAWL Inc. present “Apocalypse” live on pay-per-view exclusively at!

American Predator FC 17 Review

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American Predator Fighting Championship returned on from the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois with “APFC 17″. The top MMA fighters from around the Midwest competed on this stacked 16-bout pro/am card, as APFC continued its rampage on GFL.

In the main event, Bellator vet Louis Taylor (10-3) defeated UFC vet Brian Houston (4-2) via guillotine in the first round. The smaller Taylor used effective counter striking to negate the leg strikes of Houston. Taylor connected with overhand rights and lefts. A left hook dropped Houston to his knees and Taylor pounced on Houston on the mat locking in a guillotine and falling back to the mat in his guard. Houston was stuck and tapped out at the final moment before losing consciousness. It was a huge win for Taylor who controlled the striking and finished the UFC vet on the ground via tapout.

In the co-main event, Steve Kozola (3-0) remained undefeated as he KO’d Danny Morales Jr. (4-1) in the first round. It was a great striking battle as both men traded punches in the center of the cage in a barnburner of a first round. Kozola connected with overhand rights and when Morales tried to duck under one, Kozola switched it up and connected with a spinning back elbow that knocked Morales out cold. Kozola followed up with a punch on the ground that put Morales out cold and had him motionless on the mat for several minutes. It was a strong win for Kozola who continues to be a force in the lightweight division.

Mike Santiago (12-9) defeated Eric Calderon (4-4) via armbar in the first round as the two put on a great grappling clinic in the cage. Santiago went right after Calderon and pulled him down to the mat. Calderon countered with a kimura as he got up and then they fell to the mat once again. Santiago broke free and got the back of Calderon where he threw tons and tons of punches as Calderon covered up. Calderon was finally able to flip to his back and that’s when Santiago went for the arm and locked up the armbar in a fast paced fight by these two athletes.

Catch all of the action as “APFC 17″ brings down the house on pay-per-view exclusively at See the established and rising stars of the Midwest compete in front of some of the most avid fans. Order exclusively at and own it for life.

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