Ring of Combat 50 Preview

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Courtesy of mixedmartialarts.com

Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat returns with its 50th event Friday, January 23rd at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in New Jersey. The card is stacked from top to bottom, with 13 bouts and seven Ring of Combat titles on the line.

Many MMA promotional companies make a dash to be the biggest promotion in the world, and die of a heart attack. Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat has found a niche in developing great but unknown talent to compete on a world class level, most notably in the UFC.

Lou as sent over 90 ROC alumni to the UFC where not only are they competing but are having successful careers in the world’s biggest MMA promotion.

“Just like in any business, its important for business owners to have faith in their brand and let their product speak for its self,” said Lou. “The Ring of Combat fighters are speaking for themselves by having great careers in the UFC and that directly reflects what we do at the Ring of Combat.”

On January 23rd, the next generation of ROC fighters are set to take center stage and show the MMA world that they are here to stay!

“Ring of Combat 50 is an important milestone for us,” said Lou. “When I first started promoting, I didn’t do it to start competing with other companies. I wanted to create a stage for young, up and coming fighters where they can compete against each other to show case their skills and here we are going on our 50th event. This is something to be proud of.”

Ring of Combat 50 spares no punches as many ROC champions are returning and many east coast fan favorites will be on hand!

The main event will see the return of east coast phenom, Frankie Perez (9-1) as he takes on Virginia’s George Sheppard (15-9) for the vacant ROC National lightweight title.

The co-main will be an explosive bantamweight matchup as undefeated Julio Arce (6-0) comes to defend his national title for the second time against his toughest challenge to date, Bellator vet, Thomas Vasquez (7-2).

The remainder of the ROC title fights are as follows (not in bout order):

-New York’s Oluwale Bamgbose (3-0) will battle Brian Booth (3-1) for the vacant ROC National Middleweight title.

-Exciting ROC National Flyweight champion, Matt Rizzo (7-2), looks to defend his title against New Jersey’s Sean Santella (13-4-1).

-Top prospect, Randy “Rude Boy” Brown (2-0) meets New York’s Mike Winters (7-4) for the vacant ROC National Welterweight title.

-Brooklyn’s very own and Bellator vet, Phillipe “The Filipino Assassin” Nover (8-5) will square off against Dan Cion (4-1) for the lightweight ROC East Coast title.

-Another Bellator vet, Kenny Foster (11-8) will battle Mike Santiago (12-9) for the featherweight ROC East Coast title.

The prelim bouts will feature (not in bout order):

-Bellmore Kickboxing’s fast rising Gregor Gillespie (3-0) will meet Justin Stewart (0-0) who is making his professional debut.

-After making a successful pro debut at ROC 49, Tiger Schulmann’s Jenna Serio (1-0) returns to take on Virginia’s Allison Haynes (0-2). -Carlos Brooks (4-3) returns to the Ring of Combat cage and will meet Steve Edwards (2-1).

-Representing Ricardo Almeida BJJ, the ultra popular and undefeated Max Bohanan (2-0) will face off against dangerous Leonard Simpson (3-2).

-Chris Piriz (2-1) of the famed Serra/Longo fight team will meet undefeated Leodegario Muniz (3-0) in a battle of bantamweights.

-Another Serra/Longo fighter will enter the Ring of Combat cage as undefeated Eddie Lenoci (2-0) takes on Lashawn Alcocks (3-2).

CFFC 44 Review

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Courtesy of Adam Crist & mma-insider.com

Caleb Michaels vs. Shaun Teed

WIN: Caleb Michaels

Greg Quarantello vs. James Jordan

WIN: James Jordan

Donta Wade vs. Tim Lutke

WIN: Tim Lutke by unaimous decision

Johnson Jajoute vs. Tim Kunkel

Round 1 – Kunkel opens with a striking clinic landing hard shots from the outside and beautiful dirty boxing in the clinch. The bout hits the ground and in a scramble, Jajoute gets top position looking to rain down ground and pound which Kunkel does a good job defending but gives up his back in a scramble. Jajoute spent the rest of the time peppering Kunkel to the side of the head to close the round.

Round 2 – The round starts slow with neither fighter pressing the action. Jajoute is the first go engage hurting Kunkel with a punch combination. Kunkel attempts a lazy shot, but Jajoute defends and gets dominant position on Kunkel’s back to fire away ground and pound until the referee saw enough at 1:37 of the second round.

WIN: Johnson Jajoute – TKO (1:37 second round)

Ricky Nuno vs. Troy Wittman

Round 1 – The round starts with the fighters wasting no time pumping the jab early and often. Nuno slows as Wittman keeps up with the pressure seemingly hurting Nuno with a few shots. Nuno shoots and scores the takedown but keep Wittman down long as Wittman scrambled go his feet and begins stalking Nuno again by walking him down. Wittman attempted a headkick which Nuno ducked and took Wittman down landing some ground and pound to close the round.

Round 2 – Both fighters start the round with heavy punch combinations looking to stop the other in their tracks. With neither of them landing too successfully, the action slows, as both fighters methodically start picking their striking combinations. Wittman lands a direct head kick which Nuno ate to follow up with a flush straight right, which Wittman walked through as well. Other than a single takedown attempt, it seemed both of these fighters were content with standing for the duration of the rest of the round.

Round 3 – Both fighters resume their standup endeavor both attacking with punch combinations. Wittman is taking the advantage with opening a cut above the left eye of Nuno with follow up shots hurting Nuno badly. Wittman continues to storm forward with blistering punch combinations landing at will. Nuno drops to a knee clearly out of the contest and the referee stops the bout at 1:45.

WIN: Troy Whitman – TKO (1:45 third round)

Lester Caslow vs. Justin Dalton

Round 1 – The bout starts and its all Carlow from the opening bell. He lands pin point accurate punches which puts Dalton down early. Carlow follows Dalton down with Dalton turtled up as Carlow went to work from punches to the side of the head to elbows. Dalton scrambles, but is caught in an arm in guillotine which Dalton taps to at 2:11 of the opening stanza.

WIN: Lester Caslow – Submission (2:11 in first round)

Claudio Ledesma vs. Dave Morgan

Round 1 – Ledesma being the taller fight opens the bout looking to keep Morgan at bay. Morgan is very intelligent in his timing as he easily ducks under for a takedown. Ledesma scrambles to his feet and takes over the contest with his striking combinations hurting Morgan forcing him to shoot which Ledesma easily avoids and starts with heavy ground and pound, each shot seeming to hurt Morgan with each one connecting. He then attempts the guillotine which Morgan works through, but ends up giving his back up for Ledesma to sink the Rear Naked Choke at 2:49 of the first.

WIN: Claudio Ledesma – Submission (2:49 of first round)

Stephen Regman vs. Shelby Graham

Round 1- Both fighters start the contest exchanging various kicks for some time. Regman clearly being the bigger fighter stalks Graham for a good portion of the round. Regman scores most of the successful striking in the first. Graham made attempts to counter, but Regman ended the round in control.

Round 2 – Both fighters start the round slow pawing jabs. Regman throws and lands a thudding lead leg head kick which awakens Graham to blister forward with punch combinations to bak Regman into the cage. Regman quickly gets the reversal and gets the contest to the floor, which he again controls. Regman has enough of the ground and let’s Graham stand and Regman immediately hurts Graham with his punches and drops him. Smelling blood in the water, Regman pounces on Graham viciously, but Graham weathers the storm to stay in the fight and bring on a third round.

Round 3 – Round 3: Both fighters start slow sizing up their opponent. This round was all Regman as his leg kicks dictated the pace of the round and opened Graham up for Regmans heavy striking. Regman seemingly had Graham hurt several times from his punch to knee combinations. Graham, again being the tough fighter full of heart, weathered the storm until the end. In the end Stephan Regman takes the contest via unanimous decision

WIN: Stephan Regman – Unanimous Decision

Bradley Desir vs. Jeremiah Wells

Round 1 – Both fighters start the contest sizing up their opponent with Desir’s striking looking crisp. Wells has enough of the standup and gets Desir to the floor having a clear grappling advantage landing some ground and pound and maintaining position. Desir scrambles but Wells rides him to take Desir’s back and gets the body triangle looking for submissions. Has enough and gets him to the floor to land some ground and pound and in dominant position to close the first.

Round 2- Desir starts the second round trying to keep a distance but Wells is able to get the takedown again having the clear grappling advantage landing some ground and pound and maintaining position. Desir scrambles but Wells rides him to take Desir’s back and gets the body triangle looking for submissions. At 4:35 of the second, Wells locks the rear naked choke for the win.

WIN: Jeremiah Wells – Submission (4:35 in second round)

Corey Bleaken vs. Jared Gordon

Round 1 – Both fighters waste no time throwing bombs with Gordon looking in control. The fight hits the ground with both fighters scrambling. Gordon looks for the guillotine choke which looks tight, Bleaken squirms out of to stand back up and start firing strikes of his own. He gets Gordon go the floor looking for ground and pound opportunities until the first bell sounded.

Round 2 – Gordon comes out hard again looking to secure his striking advantage. It isn’t long before the fight hits the floor with Bleaken looking for submissions, himself. The greater part of this round is spent on the floor with back and forth scrambling, as each fighter looked evenly matched in the ground trading dominant positions until the sound of the bell.

Round 3 – Both fighters continue the pace with their striking, but it’s Gordon looking to have the better/more active striking hurting Bleaken several times. Bleaken is tough working through the pressure and during a scramble is able to secure Gordon’s back for several moments to clear his head, Gordon is able to get loose as the fight stays standing with some striking combinations to close down the contest.

WIN: Jared “Flash” Gordon – Decision

Anthony Terrell vs. Brett Martinez

Round 1 – Both fighters have a brief feeling out process exchanging shots until Martinez scored takedown but can’t keep Terrell down long. They return to center of the cage with Terrell looking to get the better striking while he stalks Martinez. Martinez attempts a shot which is seen and thwarted off from Terrell. Terrell continues to stalk Martinez, but in the midst of a punch combination, Martinez ducks getting the ankle pick and getting Terrell to the ground. Terrell is able to reverse and the fighters get DJ to their feet. Martinez attempts a few more shots, but Terrell looks to have an advantage with his striking to close the round.

Round 2 – The second round starts with Terrell keeping his distance picking his shots it’s clear Martinez wants the fight on the floor as he takes another shot but is reversed by Terrell who lands on top. The fighters stand with Terrell returning to his striking ways. He throws a lead knee to Martinez’ midsection at 2:51 of the second which drops him and has him tapping out due to strikes.

WIN: Anthony Terrell – Submission (2:51 in second round)

CFFC Flyweight Title Fight: Sidemar Honorio vs. Darren Mima

Round 1 – Mima starts quickly, but it’s Honorio throwing the flashy kicks. During a heated exchange Mima scores a brief takedown but doesn’t stay there and let’s Honorio to his feet. The fight doesn’t stay standing as both fighters exchange briefly and hit the floor again. This time Honorio has the dominant position on the floor. Both fighters scramble for each others legs but Honorio secures the Achilles lock at 2:54 in the opening stanza declaring him the new CFFC Flywight champ.

WIN: Sidemar Honorio – Submission (2:54 in first round)

CFFC Featherweight Title Flight: Alexandre “Popo” Bezerra Da Silva vs. Levan Makashvili

Round 1 – Both fighters paw with their strikes to feel each other out. Bezerra starts firing his leg kicks, but Makashvili times the kicks to catch and come forward with his punches. Makashvili is able to get ahold of Bezerra’s back briefly as he attempted heavy dumps, but Bezerra is able to reverse and separate. The rest of the round continues with back and forth striking to close a very close round.

Round 2 – The second round starts with both fighters exchanging. Bezerra clearly has the more technical striking, but Makashvili is keeping up and making attempts for the takedown. In the middle of the round Bezerra attempted a kick to the body, but Makashvili times it with the catch and picks up Bezerra for the dump against the cage. Bezerra gets to his feet and the fighters resume their crisp striking exchanges. Makashvili switches levels for the takedown several times to close the round. He doesn’t keep Bezerra down long, but is scoring points.

Round 3 – Makashvili has Bezerra on the ground within 30 seconds, but again. Can’t keep him down long. Bezerra returns to his feet to get the reversal seeking his own takedown with Makashvili pressed against the cage. Both fighters scramble and get reversals on each other while landing their respective strikes. Towards the end of the round Makashvili starts getting sloppier and wider with his striking. In a takedown attempt on Bezerra, Bezerra was able to lock up a dangerous looking knee bar, but Makashvili gets out with minimal time left as he searches for the late takedowns to leave a stamping impression on the judges.

Round 4 – This round slowed the pace a tad as both fighters took their time setting up their strikes. Not much ground action with both fighters finding the standup department more fitting. Makashvilli shoots successfully once, but Bezerra bounces back to his feet quickly. Bezerra maintains his technical striking while Makasvhili Is pressuring forward throwing bombs to close the round.

Round 5 – The crowd seems to be turning pro-Makasvhili erupting in cheers after his every strike. Makasvhili is coming forward, but Bezerra is precisely counter punching. Bezerra lands a crisp straight right that looked to stagger Makashvili, but Makashvili immediately fires back with a thudding one-two combo. Sensing the end of the bout is near, both fighters start swinging for the fence to put their last efforts in for this contest. At the end of this 5 round title fight, the judges score it as a unanimous decision for the new champion, Levan Makashvili as he takes the title away from Alexandre Bezerra in their rematch.

WIN: Levan Makashvili – Unanimous Decision

Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 40 Review

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Courtesy of GORDON ANDERSON, Calgary Sun

Clay Davidson knows how to take a punch, but he took far too many on this night.

American Rodney Wallace defeated Davidson by unanimous decision to win the main event during Hard Knocks 40 from the Century Casino in Calgary Friday night.

Wallace was dominating from start to finish. He started early with the fists and elbows and didn’t let up. A dominating performance from start to finish.

“(Davidson) was tough,” Wallace said. “Coming in here I knew he was a gamer. I knew he wouldn’t lay down for me. He’s tough, I’m tough. It was a good fight.”

The fight started with plenty of flash when Wallace went at his opponent off the opening bell. The Charlotte, N.C., native drilled his opponent with a stunning right that landed below the left eye of Davidson and sent him to the floor.

“I though I had (the win) when I hit him with (the right),” Wallace said. “He weathered the storm. A lesser man would have given up, but he hung in there.”

For the next four minutes of the opening round, Wallace was on top of Davidson and continued to land elbows and fists to the face of his bleeding challenger, who had a deep cut below his swollen eye.

The second was more of the same as Davidson spent the majority of the round on his back taking fists and elbows from Wallace.

At one point during the second, someone in the crowd yelled ‘boring’ because Davidson could do nothing but lie on his back and absorb tons of punishment.

The closest Davidson came to winning was a rear-choke hold he applied with over a minute left in the final round, but Wallace worked his way out of it. That was the Penticton, B.C., residents only response on a night he had no answers for the tough Wallace.

Wallace was clearly the more seasoned of the two with more victories (22) that Davidson has fights (17).

Wallace has also fought in the UFC.

Prior to this fight, his last battle was a loss to Kelly Anundson at Bellator 121 back in June.

Wallace improves to 22-9-1 and Davidson falls to 9-8.

The loudest fight of the night proved to be the quickest one.

Calgary native Zac Chalmers defeated Trenton Rowell just 22 seconds into the first round with a standing guillotine at Hard Knocks 40 at the Century Casino in Calgary.

Chalmers has a huge following, to say the least.

With Back in Black by AC/DC blasting through the speakers, a low ceiling for great acoustics, an entourage of at least five guys all dressed in blue jeans and red t-shirts, he entered the ring and didn’t get a chance to work up a sweat.

The two met at the middle of the ring, Rowell thrust his head in for a takedown, but Chalmers slapped a hold on the fighter from Iron Fist MMA , and it was just a question of when.

While standing up, Rowell, slowly, went to dream-land in Chalmers’ arms.

“I want to thank my friends and all those who came out to the fight,” the fighter from Smash Combat said to his huge-and-throaty followers post-fight.

The fight was originally a no-go on Thursday due to an undisclosed medical issue with Chalmers, but he managed to, somehow, pass the pre-fight medical on Friday night.

“(The fight) was cancelled and I went to the hospital,” Chalmers said.

“It was a bit of a battle , the docs made the decision (for my) safety. It was frustrating, (but) I did what I had to do to get back in there.

“I stayed up all night and passed the test. Proved I was ready to go.”

Definitely a great story for his first win as a professional fighter.

In the second women’s fight of the night, Katie Howard and Kara Kirsh fought to a majority draw.

Prior to the start of the fight, Howard paced back and forth in her corner while staring down her opponent.

It was a classic intimidation tactic from the fighter from Girls Gym in Portland.

It didn’t work.

The crucial point of the fight happened in the third round when Howard was deducted a point for a knee to the head because Kirsh had three points of contact on the ground.

In the end, that appeared to be the difference between winning and the draw it ended up being.

“That was the difference in the fight,” said Hard Knocks owner Ari Taub.

Lindsay Garbatt defeated Stephanie Essensa by unanimous decision in the first pro fight of the main card.

The two women put on the best fight of the night up to that point.

The match had all the elements of two combatants really going for it, as there was straight-up boxing, with grappling and submission attempts by both sides.

“Both of these girls are world-class fighters,” Taub said.

“That was an excellent performance by both of them. – back and forth, standing, on the ground, the crowd loved it.”

Taub went on to say he wouldn’t doubt it if both of them ended up in the UFC.

That might not sound as far-fetched as it sounds, considering current UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was fighting under the Hard Knocks brand in 2011.

Garbatt has made the switch to MMA, but prior to that, she was the WIBA super featherweight champion of the world in 2013.

Earlier this year, she was also a contender for the WBA international featherweight title.



Olympic Champions and MMA Superstars to Wrestle in the 3rd annual Grapple at The Garden, presented by MusclePharm

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Live on Pay-Per-View from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, December 21

Gray Maynard, Joe Warren, King Mo and Olympic champion Khadjimurad Gatsalov amongst the world-class competitors lined up for battle

New York, NY (December 11, 2014) – A collection of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) icons, including Gray Maynard, Joe

Warren and “King Mo” Lawal will join Olympic Gold Medalist and five-time world champion Khadjimurad Gatsalov of Russia, Olympic hopeful Kyle Dake of the U.S. and world champion Arsen Julfalakyan of Armenia in the much-anticipated Grapple at The Garden, presented by MusclePharm live on pay-per-view from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, December 21.

Grapple at The Garden, presented by MusclePharm is being distributed in North America by Integrated Sports Media for live viewing at 12:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 a.m. PT on both cable and satellite pay-per-view in the USA via iN Demand, DISH, and Vubiquity and Bell TV, Shaw PPV, Rogers, SaskTel, TELUS and MTS in Canada for a suggested retail price of only $14.95. Viewer’s world-wide can order on-line at www.GFL.TV.

Dake will collide with Julfalakyan in the Greco-Roman rules main event of the third annual “Grapple at The Garden” event presented by MusclePharm, while Gatsalov will face off with world bronze medalist Tervel Dlagnev. Team Joe Warren, assembled by the reigning Bellator MMA champion and consisting of half of the event’s MMA stars, will take on Team Renzo Gracie, a squad formed by the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend and former MMA champion.

The Team Joe Warren vs. Team Renzo Gracie matchups include Warren, an All-American at Michigan, competing at 150 pounds against Scott Jorgenson, a former collegiate star at Boise State and current UFC fighter.

A 140-pound contest will pit Olympic silver medalist and three-time NCAA champion Stephen Abas on the Renzo Gracie team against Rollie Peterkin, the former Univ. of Penn star and talented freestyler, who left Wall Street to become an MMA fighter.

Two current Olympic hopefuls will battle at 155 pounds, as Oklahoma State NCAA champion Jordan Oliver, currently ranked No. 2 on Team USA, will take on Frank Molinaro, the Penn State NCAA champion who is ranked No. 3 on Team USA.

Shawn Bunch, an All-American at Edinboro who competed on the 2009 U.S. World Team in freestyle, will take on Damacio Page at 150 pounds. Bunch competes for Bellator MMA, while Page wrestled at Cerritos College, and has competed in the UFC and other mixed martial arts promotions..

Maynard, a three-time All-American at Michigan State and a current UFC star, will battle World Series of Fighting standout Ozzy Dugulubgov at 170 pounds.

Three members of the world-famous Gracie family will also take the mat. At 185 pounds, Gregor Gracie will square off with Darryl Christian, a former Greco-Roman Team USA member, University of Oregon star and MMA coach. At 190 pounds, Igor Gracie will battle Brennan Ward, a current Bellator MMA star who wrestled for Johnson and Wales. At heavyweight, Lawal, the 2005 Freestyle World Team member, Oklahoma State All-American and current Bellator star, will go up against Rolles Gracie.

All three of the Gracies competing have extensive professional MMA backgrounds coupled with tremendous success in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Coaching Team Joe Warren are Chad Ravannack (Oklahoma State) and Damion Logan (Michigan). Renzo Gracie will coach his team, along with Mario Mercado (Syracuse) and Hamid Kemanshah (New York AC).

The exciting feature and co-feature matchups will be championship matches with the new Global Wrestling Championships promotion, with prize money awarded to the participants. The Dake vs. Julfalakyan match will be for the Greco-Roman Welterweight Belt, while the Dlagnev vs. Gatsalov will be for the Freestyle International Heavyweight Belt.

Gatsalov won the Olympic gold medal in 2004 and added World titles in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2013. His other World medals include a silver medal in 2010 and a bronze medal in 2014. He moved up to the heavyweight class in 2013, where he has won a World gold medal and World silver medal in back-to-back seasons. He was a 2001 Junior World champion before moving up to Senior-level success.

Dlagnev won World bronze medals in 2009 and 2014, and was fifth in the 2012 Olympic Games. He also placed fifth at the 2011 and 2013 World Championships. A two-time NCAA Div. II national champion for Nebraska-Kearney, Dlagnev won a University World gold medal before moving to the Senior level and becoming one of the best heavyweights in the world.

There will be 25 college teams competing, representing NCAA Div. I, NCAA Div. II, NCAA Div. III, NJCAA junior colleges, and NCWA club programs. The currently ranked teams competing are #3 Cornell, which will face #13 Edinboro and national power Northern Iowa, #12 Lehigh (facing Edinboro and Princeton), and #23 Rutgers. All of the college dual meets will be available on www.flowrestling.org.

In addition, this event will feature the Grapple at The Garden high school tournament and the NYC Mayor’s Cup will, once again, feature the best New York City high school wrestlers from the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL), Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) and independent school wrestlers in each weight class as they compete for the title of “Best in the City”. Additional information about the NYC Mayor’s Cup can be found at www.facebook.com/nycmayorscup. On Saturday, December 20, the 2014-15 NYC Mayor’s Cup Wrestling Championships will take place at Riverbank State Park, after which the winners and runners-up from each weight class will take on the best high school wrestlers from the Metropolitan Division.

The Metropolitan Division portion of the Grapple at The Garden high school invitational will take place on Saturday, December 20 at Clarkstown South High School and will include: Long Beach (NY), Long Branch (NJ), Clarkstown South (NY), Hasbrouck Heights (NJ), Columbia (NY), West Milford (NJ), John Glenn (NY), Colonie (NY), Eastport South Manor (NY) and Nutley (NJ).

For information and to register individuals and/or clubs for the Grapple at The Garden Elementary School and Middle School Championships please visit www.wrestlereg.com.

The event will also feature a special musical performance by rapper Kosha Dillz. Dillz, aka Rami Even-Esh, is a former Edison High School New Jersey Region 5 finalist and Rutgers Division I wrestler, who was recently announced as perform on all 40 dates of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. He has appeared in everything from the BET Hip Hop Awards w/ RZA of the Wu Tang Clan to world tours with fellow Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu. The former stand out wrestler prides himself in training at Team Hammer of Lakewood NJ in the late 90′s. Currently, he trains at Rhino Wrestling Club and Underground Strength Gym of Edison with his brother Zach Even-Esh. Besides rapping, he is a world wide inspirational speaker who frequently speaks to students and at risk youth about addiction, jails and recovery, with over 10 years substance // alcohol free.

Tickets, priced at $20, $35 and $55, are currently on sale and can be purchased online at www.thegarden.com, all Ticketmaster locations and the Madison Square Garden box office.


Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y., Sunday, December 21


























2:10PM: Mat 9 – (center) Co-Main Event: Tervel Dlagnev vs. Khadzhijurat Gatsalov (Freestyle)

Main Event: – Kyle Dake vs. Arsen Julfalakyan (Greco-Roman 75 kg/165 lbs.)


Dan Schoenberg, MSG (212) 465-6367 dan.schoenberg@msg.com

Larry Torres, MSG (212) 631-5178 larry.torres@msg.com

Alison Nudo, MSG (212) 465-6281 alison.nudo@msg.com

Mike Aframowitz, Witz End Communications (917) 566-8754 mikea@yourwitzend.com

About The Madison Square Garden Company

The Madison Square Garden Company is comprised of three business segments: MSG Sports, MSG Media and MSG Entertainment and is built on a foundation of iconic venues and compelling content that the company creates, produces, presents and/or distributes through its programming networks and other media assets. MSG Sports owns and operates the following sports franchises: the New York Knicks (NBA), the New York Rangers (NHL), the New York Liberty (WNBA), the Westchester Knicks (NBADL) and the Hartford Wolf Pack (AHL). MSG Sports also features the presentation of a wide variety of live sporting events including professional boxing, college basketball, bull riding and tennis. MSG Media is a leader in production and content development for multiple distribution platforms, including content originating from the Company’s venues. MSG Media’s television networks consist of regional sports networks, MSG Network and MSG+, collectively referred to as MSG Networks. MSG Entertainment is one of the country’s leaders in live entertainment. MSG Entertainment creates, produces and/or presents a variety of live productions, including the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and the New York Spring Spectacular, both featuring the Rockettes. MSG Entertainment also presents or hosts other live entertainment events such as concerts, family shows and special events in the Company’s diverse collection of venues.

These venues consist of Madison Square Garden, The Theater at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theatre, the Forum in Inglewood, CA, The Chicago Theatre, and the Wang Theatre in Boston, MA. More information is available at www.themadisonsquaregardencompany.com.

CE 3 Texas Battlegrounds Review

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER – http://www.gfl.tv/event/Fight/MMA/Chasm-Elite-3–Texas-Battlegounds/2641

CHASM Elite Promotions presented “CE 3 Texas Battlegrounds”, an extreme amateur cage fighting experience at the Bell County Expo Center. The 6 bout card featured 5 finishes as these Texas gladiators came to throw down in the cage and they did just that! If you like KOs and submissions this is the event for you.

Christian Anderson (4-1) defeated Chris Berry (0-2) via 1st Rd Submission. These two light heavyweights went at it from the very beginning. Anderson was too much as he overpowered Berry, getting the fight to the mat and sinking in the fight ending submission before the bell. Anderson showed off strong takedowns and control on the mat and looks to be a real contender in CE in the 205 lb division.

Jeremie Oliver (2-0) defeated Brody DeForest (0-2) via first round KO. Oliver showed off heavy hands as he hit DeForest with a nice combo that dropped him to the mat and ended the fight. Oliver swung for the fences early on, but also was very technical and several of his shots got through the defense of DeForest who was also firing back strikes of his own.

Naji Vernon (1-0) defeated Ahmed Shabazz (0-1) via TKO in the third round. These two battled something fierce in the cage as they switched positions and advantages several times. Vernon continued to pound away at Shabazz on the mat, but Shabazz showed a remarkable ability to regain his composure and respond with flurries of his own. In the end, both fighters were spent and the fight was won and lost on as much as cardio conditioning has anything else because both men had thrown down with all of their might looking to finish one another. In the end, Vernon was able to mount several combos on the ground in top control and finish Shabazz in the fight of the night.

Joshua Easterly (1-4) defeated Chaz Reed (0-1) via TKO in the first round. Easterly got the first win of his career as he won via ground and pound as he put Reed on his back and was quick to follow up with strikes until the ref stopped the fight. You have to admire Eaterly for continuing to ply his trade in the unforgiving cage and get a big W against a game opponent in Reed.

CE presented another hard-hitting night of fights with “CE 3 Texas Battlegrounds” exclusively on GFL.tv on video on demand. Witness these rising stars in the Lone Star State go to battle in the cage for glory, honor and victory. Order now.

Unified MMA 21 Preview

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Unified MMA returns to GFL on December 19 with “Unified MMA 21″ from the Sultan Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This loaded card featured several up and coming prospects from the Great White North as well as several seasoned veterans.

In the main event, Matthew Spisak (7-5) fights Aaron Armstrong (5-3) in a #1 Contender bout. Spisak is on a 3 fight winning streak and 2 have come via stoppage. Look for Spisak to try to get the fight to the mat where he can use his grappling. Spisak is an active grappler, always looking for an avenue to lock on a choke or armbar. Armstrong won his last fight via rear naked choke and is also quite competent on the mat with submissions. Both fighters also have solid striking skills and if the ground game is a draw, these two could put on a great show with their fists, elbows, shins and knees. The winner of this bout gets a title shot, so there is a lot on the line. Look for both men to come out with their guns blazing.

In the co-main event, Merrick Duggan (7-2) battles Corey Atkinson (3-3). Duggan is a Unified MMA vet and this will be his ninth fight with the promotion. He has spent his entire career with one organization and has built a great fanbase. Duggan has only been to decision once and brings a high octane fighting style where he has been able to stop 6 of his 7 opponents. Duggan is extremely well-rounded and has a game that presents problems for everyone he faces. Atkinson is a durable fighter who will take on anyone. Look for Atkinson to try and push the pace early in the first round as he throws hands or goes for a takedown. This could be fight of the night.

In other action, Ryan Rother (5-5) scraps with Aaron Shymr (4-4). Rother fought his last fight for a title and is looking to climb the ladder for another title shot. A highlight reel performance will get him that opportunity sooner than later. Rother has 4 wins via KO or TKO and his fifth win via submission. Don’t blink when Rother gets in the cage because his high risk-high reward style makes for exciting matchups. Shymr is the same type of fighter as Rother. Shymer is a heavy handed fighter who can end the fight with one punch. Expect fireworks from these two.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring some of the top regional mixed martial arts talents from around Canada. Watch all of the fights anytime on video on demand (VOD) and own it for life as Unified MMA presents “Unified MMA 21″ on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.tv!

Island Fights 31 Review

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One of the Gulf Coast’s premier cage fighting organizations made its debut on GFL.TV as Island Fights presented “Island Fights 31″ from the Hadji Shriner Temple in Pensacola, Florida. Island Fights always puts on jumbo cards and this event was no different.

In the main event, Dillon Cleckler (8-0) defeated Richard White (16-17) via TKO in the second round in a heavyweight bout. In the beginning, both fighters were throwing punches with bad intentions from the very beginning and Cleckler was also scoring on the ground as he got a takedown and put White against the ropes where Cleckler scored with some solid ground and pound. White retaliated with scoring some punches on the ground in his own right as both fighters were very even at this point. After White got back to his feet he and Cleckler continued throwing heavy hands and doing damage to one another. In the end, cardio played a huge part as both men were exhausted and winged punches from all angles looking for that one haymaker that would finish the fight. In the second, Cleckler landed a huge right hand and White dove in for an ankle pick that Cleckler stuffed. Cleckler followed White down to the mat and finished the fight on the ground with some impressive ground and pound. White remained on the ground for some time, but got to his feet to the applause of the crowd.

In the co-main event, for the Island Fights Lightweight Title, Socrates Sok Pierre (5-2) defeated Brok Weaver (5-1) via submission in the first round and avenged a loss from earlier in the year. Both fighters traded strikes in the beginning with Pierre scoring with knees and kicks while Weaver landed with right hands. Pierre got a takedown and ended up in side control where he scored with solid punches from the top as Weaver looked for a kneebar from the bottom. Pierre went for a guillotine and Weaver got back to his guard. In another scramble, Pierre locked on a D’arce choke in the corner and it was tight, forcing Weaver to tapout. It was a solid win for Pierre who sits atop the lightweight division.

Don’t miss this thrilling mixed martial arts card featuring some of the top fighters from the Gulf Coast. Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today on this stacked card as Island Fights delivers “Island Fights 31″, streaming on video on demand on pay-per-view exclusively at GFL.TV!

NAAFS – Caged Vengeance 15 Review

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The North American Allied Fight Series (NAAFS) returned to GFL.tv with “Caged Vengeance 15” from the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma, Ohio. The 11-bout pro/am card featured 9 stoppages and was one long MMA highlight reel. NAAFS is one of the most prolific MMA organizations in the country as it runs a monthly event in and around the Ohio area and has earned a reputation as one of the top regional organizations in North America and a launching pad for fighters looking to climb the ladder of MMA success.

In the main event, Dave Lastafka (1-1) defeated Chris Tucker (1-2) via guillotine choke in the first round. The southpaw Lastafka found a home early and often for his overhand left as Tucker tried to close the distance with a shot attempt. Lastafka defended well against the cage as they broke free from one another. Lastafka got a body lock takedown and ended up in side control. Tucker had a nice escape and the two continued their fight on the feet where they exchanged punches. Tucker went for another takedown and left his head open where Lastafka sunk in a standing guillotine choke. It was tight and Lastafka let go as Tucker fell to the mat almost completely unconscious.

In the co-main event, Curt Lemmon (4-0) defeated Tim Dunn (2-3) via rear naked choke of the first round in a heavyweight battle. Both fighters battled against the cage until Lemmon scored a nice trip takedown. On the ground, Lemmon took the back of Dunn and quickly sunk in a choke finishing the fight from there.

In other action, for the NAAFS Amateur Featherweight Title, Tobiaus Taylor (6-1) defeated Adli Edwards (5-1) via KO in round two. The first round was a barnburner, as both men traded strikes the whole round in a fast paced battle. Taylor also managed to score a nice takedown. In round two, Taylor connected with a huge overhand right that momentarily dropped Edwards. Edwards popped up and Taylor connected with several more hard shots that put Edwards on his back. Taylor finished the fight with some ground and pound as every punch he threw on the ground connected flush and with full force.

Charles Owens defeated Joey LaForce via tapout due to strikes in round one.

NAAFS, “Caged Vengeance 15” was an explosive card and it’s a must see for any MMA fan. Be sure to catch all of the action from this event now on video on demand exclusively at GFL.tv.

Ultimate Reno Combat 49 Review

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Northern Nevada’s #1 cage fighting event returned to GFL as “Ultimate Reno Combat 49″ was another blockbuster, showcasing the top regional stars of Nevada, California and beyond from the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada. Voted the #1 Amateur MMA Event in the Nation, URC continued that legacy with another strong event that featured 10 fights and 9 finishes.

In the main event, for the URC Lightweight Championship, Danny Ramirez (8-1) defeated Delorean “D-Lo” Heaivilin (8-1) via TKO in the first round. Heaivilin and Ramirez quickly closed the distance and began trading shots. Heaivilin grabbed a nice clinch and scored with knees. Ramirez got a takedown as Heaivilin tried for a submission from the bottom. Ramirez was strong on top and scored with some strong ground and pound as he unloaded with some strong right hands getting the TKO stoppage in the first. Ramirez now holds the URC Lightweight and Welterweight belts.

In the co-main event, Aarason Perry (5-2) defeated Andrew Lipp via unanimous decision after a grueling battle from both men. This was the only fight on the card that did not end in a stoppage as both Perry and Lipp were battle tested and would not be finished. Perry was a bit more active in the standup and on the ground, he was dominant as he spent most of the time on the ground on top of Lipp. In the first, Perry tried to sneak in a modified guillotine as Lipp bull rushed him, but Lipp took the fight to the mat where he broke free. Perry went for an anaconda choke in the second, but Lipp defended and hit a switch and got a takedown of his own. In the third, Perry tried for a standing kimura but Lipp defended again and they went back to fighting in the clinch with Perry scoring with knees. It was a tough fight for both men who showed true grit.

In other action, Ray Radtke (3-1) defeated Anthony Lopez via rear naked choke in the second round. Radtke got a nice takedown and tried to create distance in the closed guard of Lopez. Radtke stayed heavy on Lopez and scored with some short shots, as Lopez tried to catch an armbar and triangle choke. Lopez was close, but Radtke pressed forward as the bell ended. In round two, Radtke got another takedown and moved from a guillotine attempt to the back of Lopez. Once there, Radtke wasted no time in sinking in the fight ending RNC.

Jamario Mulder, Kurt Walsh, and Dillon Moore all won their fights via submission, while Nick Gifford won via TKO.

Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today! Don’t miss this loaded event with loaded mixed martial arts fight as Northern Nevada’s “Ultimate Reno Combat 49″ comes to you only on GFL.tv on video on demand.

Triple A MMA XI Destiny Review

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Triple A MMA returned to GFL with “Destiny” emanating from the Camel Rock Casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The stacked card featured several submissions and a KO and the end of a career as one of the main eventers hung up his gloves after the fight.

In the night’s headlining contest, Santa Fe native Angelo “The San I Warrior” Sanchez (12-6) defeated El Paso’s, Brian Castillo (3-4) via rear naked choke in the first round of a bantamweight battle which turned out to be the final fight in the career of Sanchez. It was a quick paced fight from the opening bell as Sanchez went right at Castillo and scored with knees from the clinch that seemed to daze Castillo. Sanchez got the fight to the ground and went for a choke, but Castillo slipped out and after a nice a scramble got back to his feet. After pummeling against the cage, Castillo fired off three consecutive right hands that connected and scored a takedown right after. On the mat, Sanchez turned the tables and put Castillo on his back and scored with ground and pound. Castillo went for a leg lock, but Sanchez defended and continued to land punches from side control. Sanchez switched to a RNC after improving his position and got the final tapout of his career as Castillo submitted to the choke in an emotional end to the fight.

In the co-main event, in a light heavyweight bout, Frank Lester (9-5) returned to the cage after two years off defeated Randy McCarthy (2-5) via arm triangle choke in the second round. Lester was able to shake of his ring rust with no problem as he was the aggressor from the opening bell. In the first round, both fighters traded strikes with Lester finding a home for his uppercut which connected several times and jarred the head of McCarthy. In the final 90 second both fighters took more chances as they closed the distance and threw more combos. In the second round, both fighters picked up the pace and Lester used some nice dirty boxing and grappling to get the fight to the ground. On the mat, Lester moved from the north-south position, to side control, to mount and locked on the arm triangle for the win. It was a solid showing for Lester who won after a long layoff. And McCarthy, on 10 days’ notice, was a game opponent.

In a no gi grappling bout, Estevan Martinez defeated Jesse Tafoya via rear naked choke at 8:17 of their 10:00 contest. Martinez was very heavy on the mat as he had the mount for a good portion of the fight. With Martinez on top, Tafoya tried to scramble back to his feet and in doing so, he turned his back and that’s when Martinez locked in the choke with precision. It was tight from the start and Tafoya was forced to tapout.

Jerome Rivera (2-0) took home a victory via TKO over Rudy Kennedy (1-1) in the second round, and Luis Rizo (1-0) defeated Prudencio Hurbina (0-2) via unanimous decision after a hard fought bout.

Watch every KO, submission and scrap inside the cage. Catch all of the nonstop action exclusively on GFL with Triple A MMA X “Destiny” exclusively at GFL.tv. Watch now anytime on VOD. Order now.

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